How Do You View Change?

With the start of a new year, and a new decade, there are lots of mentions of change in the news and on social media. How do you view change? For every person, and every company, change likely means something different. Change can be a verb (to make different, alter, replace, give up, remove) or a noun (a new or refreshingly different experience). And often, change can be seen in a negative light. If someone suggests change, we may think about all the work we have done personally or professionally to get where we are. We have done a great job and worked hard to get where we are, why should we change? What is wrong with how we have been doing things? Is what I have done not good enough.

I choose to view change in a positive light. For me, change is not about better or worse, new or old, or even less or more. Change is about assessing, evolving, and moving along a continuum of becoming different.

I haven’t always had a positive view of change. Growing up, my family moved a LOT! For me, it was difficult being in a new town and new school every few years. Always being the ‘new kid’ and trying to fit in. As I have grown in myself and my career, I have found the strengths I gained from always being the new kid. I am resilient, I don’t get rattled with unexpected change, I look for the positive, and I no longer have the need to ‘try to fit in.’

For me, change is not about disruption or change for the sake of change. It is about continuous improvement and curiosity about how things work and how they are working for me. Yes, what we have done to get to today is great! And likely a lot of hard work. Yes, I celebrate my accomplishments and where I am in life!

But, will my current approach continue to serve me/my family/my business in the future? Questions I ask of myself and my team: What is working? What needs to be re-visited? Where do I ease back so I can lean in somewhere else? Is how I am doing something getting me closer to where I want to be personally or professionally? How can I provide the greatest value for my family, friends, business, and myself? What else is changing around me that I need to adapt to?

And perhaps, we should look to the thesaurus instead of the dictionary when considering how we feel about change…advance, innovation, revolution, transformation, difference. I know I would be very satisfied by making a difference in our personal and professional lives. Here’s to embracing the change in your world!

“Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” – Dr. Steve Mataboli


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