Yes. I still choose to view change in a positive light.

In my January blog, less than two months ago, I started the new decade acknowledging that change is often difficult and stressful, whether it be change to our personal or professional lives. And I shared my views on embracing change.

Some of my words from that blog include: “I choose to view change in a positive light. For me, change is not about better or worse, new or old, or even less or more. Change is about assessing, evolving, and moving along a continuum of becoming different.”

Wow, what a different world we are facing in just this short time. Is my view the same? Yes. I still choose to view change in a positive light.

That is not to in any way diminish the significant changes that have impacted how we live and work due to the COVID-19 crisis. I do not underestimate the short- and long-term impact current events will have on everyone around the world: our health, prosperity, and, in some cases, our lives. I am frightened for our medical professionals and first responders. I am frightened for our most vulnerable populations (the poor, sick, elderly, LGBTQ+, immigrants, anyone working in an essential service, and more). I am frightened for our children and how this pause in education may impact them for years to come. I am frightened for my industry, small businesses, the world economy and the list goes on.

So I refer again to some of my thoughts from January: “What else is changing around me that I need to adapt to?”

For now, I am taking things day by day and I’m sure my approach will evolve as we collectively move through this COVID-19 crisis. For now, I am trying to keep our home safe and family calm. We are lucky that my husband and I have jobs where we can, and are now required to, work from home. For this, we are grateful. We can remain at home with our family during this strange and stressful time. So, how am I adapting?

  • Being responsible: We live in a location that has a mandatory ‘shelter in place’. We are adhering strictly to the guidance; no playdates, no coffees, no friends over, wash hands often, sanitize everything, only essential trips out for groceries or prescriptions, etc. #socialdistancing #socialsolidarity
  • Continuing to prioritize education:
    • We have two children (7th and 9th grades) and are fortunate to have schools that can support distance learning for ALL the students in our districts. We have set times each day for the kids to finish their school work.
    • I continue to study for two industry certifications I have in progress. 
  • Consistency: We are keeping a semi-regular schedule of school work/work, meals, relaxing/tech time, chores and more.
  • Flexibility: It is new for our kids to be doing online learning vs in person. They are used to 8 hours of teacher and peer interaction and moving around their schools physically all day. Now, at home with distance learning, if they need a brain break, they take one. They listen to music, chat with friends, exercise or play video games. As long as their school work is done by 3pm each day, they can manage their schedule.
  • Creativity: With school, sports, and all activities cancelled we will be working as a family to re-visit our schedules and ensure the kids are getting enough reading, activity and creativity in their day, not just assigned schoolwork.
  • Compassion: I am reaching out to elderly friends and family to check in on them and offer assistance in setting up online grocery ordering and getting their prescriptions delivered. I am extra appreciative with every cashier or customer service person I speak with.
  • Community: We are shopping locally owned stores as much as possible and, when we can afford it, will get takeout from locally owned restaurants.
  • Random acts of kindness: I bought daffodils to give to an elderly customer in a store, ice cream and sparkling wine for my parents, and I’m mailing letters for friends in far places. 
  • Patience: I launched my own business in Q4 2019. I was pumped for 2020 and the dream of building a new business. However, realizing my dream is likely a bit down the road … more on that in my next blog.

Is my view the same? Yes. I still choose to view change in a positive light.

How are you adapting personally or professionally right now? I’d love to hear from you!

My best,

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